About Us

Chrysallis- Meet Yazmeen

Chrysallis India was created from my awakening and reflective journey. As a sales professional, I have always felt a pull toward connecting to people on a deeper level.

My drive for work has been relentless, and I have built a career that I am proud of. I must’ve looked successful on the outside, but that was not how I felt.

My quest for self-discovery led me to reflect on life and beyond. My journey began with my need to create a better platform for people who had the drive but couldn’t find the roads which lead to their dreams.

My sense of self-awareness has not only deepened my relationships but also helped me in introspecting and understanding my clients’ emotions and behaviours.

I have completed my NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching studies and embraced a new calling as a Coach and mentor to others seeking a similar path to enlightenment. I’m here to help you live your life- amplified. To help you achieve growth and success in business without breaking your spirit.

You can bring change to the world. And we can do it together.